PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers

60In general, PLCs take a multiple number of inputs and outputs and are resistant to high temperature, vibration, noise, and physical impact. These characteristics differentiate them from a normal general-purpose computer. Another advantage of PLCs is that the executable programs to control the operation of machines are saved in batteries or non-volatile memories. They can be considered to be a very good example of a real time system, since the output of the system controlled by a PLC depends on the input conditions and also, the intended output is expected to be obtained within the specified time, the failure of which produces unexpected and harmful results.

The most special characteristic of the Programmable Logic Controllers is its resistance to extreme conditions of dust, moisture, heat, electrical noise, etc. Unlike general-purpose computers, the programming logic computers can be used to connect with actuators and sensors which can monitor and operate certain physical machines like electric motors, hydraulic cylinders, etc.

In recent years, these computers have grown to accommodate sequential relay control, motion control, distributed control systems, process control, and networking. Modern PLCs have developed in such a way that its storage facilities and data handling techniques, along with their processing speed and power are being compared with common desktop computers.

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How to Create a LaTeX Table

59If you are an academician who is researching in physics, mathematics, chemistry, or any other field of research, mastering LaTeX is a must. It is a document creation system and markup language that has been developed for researchers to create elegantly-formatted documents, ranging from research papers, reports to even books.

To present any kind of data in a research paper, report, or a book, you need to create tables. LaTeX has a facility for creating clear tables. To create one, you need to know how to create its associated environment. Any environment in LaTeX is devoted to the formatting of a specific kind of text. Accordingly, to create a table, you need to switch to the ‘Tabular Environment’. The syntax for beginning or ending any tabular environment is the following:

\begin {Name of Environment}
. . . . .
\end {Name of Environment}

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What is Syntax

58Countless times, you might have heard about the usage of right ‘syntax’ in literature and programming languages, which might have made you wonder what it’s all about. It is a concept that is deeply related to the structure of any language, which includes spoken language, as well as the computer languages.

A language is a means to convey thoughts and emotions. We describe and analyze the world around us through words. However, just words don’t make a language. Every one of the spoken languages on Earth, including the English language, is spoken in the form of sentences, which are strings of words put together to create a meaningful description of reality. Nobody knows exactly how languages were created, but as they became more widespread, there was a need to bring a uniformity to them, which was achieved through the setting up of a common syntax.

In Literature

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Game Designer Requirements

57The job of a game designer is one of the most exciting jobs, yet the most challenging. It involves working with a team of graphic professionals to design and develop the most addictive games that involve superlative degrees of animation. Having said that, the requirements are different from other engineers. Typically, a game designer will be a computer engineer. The people assisting him will have a bachelor’s degree in game designing or computer science. These people will usually play the roles of production assistants, programmers, level designers, junior game designers, and quality assurance testers.

Game Designing as a Career

The video game industry is a US $93 billion industry worldwide. It is not only exciting, but one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Professionals have to work in a team of production assistants, programmers, and other technicians to develop and design new video games. If playing a mind game, action game, or a strategy game on your computer could be challenging; just imagine the creativity and sheer brilliance behind creating, designing, and developing those games. Professionals have duties like designing different characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation. They also have the responsibility of coding the program using the computers’ programming language which is also called binary language. According to their duties and responsibilities, they might also be playing the role of handling a project management task and testing early versions of video games. Creativity and constant brainstorming are one of the most distinct qualities required in this profession.

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Computer Hardware Engineer Job Description

56Computers have become the mainstay of modern times. There is no organization, no business, no job, and indeed hardly any home where computers aren’t used. Life, as we know it today, would be entirely impossible without these innovative and extremely useful machines.

However, while using computers, we must not forget about the real brains behind these artificial ones; namely, computer engineers. They are the ones who work behind the scenes, day in and day out, to design and develop the best computers.

Building a complex machine such as a computer is no simple feat, and hence, this task has been divided into two, giving rise to two types of computer engineers – software engineers and hardware engineers. Each of these specializes in a particular aspect of computer system development.

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